Joey is one of the main characters. His roles have led him to become the Hetman of Ukraine once, the Chief Executive of Manchukuo once and the Chairman of China once.


Personality Edit

Joey is an average Joe who prefers to choose decisions that are morally right rather than profitable.

He also likes to sit back and watch other countries fight while the rest of the world is in conflict.

Trivia Edit

  • He gets his men to spy on other countries and copy their weapons and defense technology

Quotes Edit

- "Hello hello"

- "Because it is wasting everyone's time and as we are a group of world leaders we should be focusing on better things to do than talk about a piece of citrus fruit that is ruining Europe. That a good answer?"

- "Can you make my character page?"

- "How's the war going?"

- "What will the next war be about? Geotomatoes?"

- "Well then, Miss. Jaiswara, do you like to eat snow?"